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Leonstainerstraße 1
9210 Pörtschach am Wörthersee
Kärnten / Österreich
Tel +43 4272 2816
Fax +43 4272 2823
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Hotel Schloss Leonstain ( the Castle Hotel Leonstain) on the Wörthersee ( Lake Wörther): Romance with 4 star comfort in Kärnten (Carynthia)

VorteilsstempelPeace, relaxtaion, culinary delights and a feeling of pure well being – just the right ingredients for a romantic summer holiday in Hotel Schloss Leonstain on the banks of the Wörthersee in Carynthia

Hotel Schloss Leonstain – a romantic yet modern hotel for the perfect holiday, for that special event or occasion, situated on the banks of the Wörthersee in Austria, close to Klagenfurt Airport.  Here, in the heart of Carynthia you will find everything you need for a relaxing, peaceful stay.  Golf, watersports, walking, hiking, cycling, Leonstain also offers the perfect location for your wedding, birthday celebrations, christening or that important business seminar.

Castle Life – where traditions are honoured.  Built originally in 1492 Schloss Leonstain is one of the oldest buildings on the Wörthersee.  In bygone centuries monks brewed their own beer here, farmed many acres and were renowned for their tasty fare and warm hospitality.
Live a fairy tale – but excitingly different.  The privately owned and run Hotel Schloss Leonstain on the Wörthersee goes back to its roots and sets its mark on your holiday with a mixture of tradition, indulgence and carynthian hospitality.  The regional and traditional award winning cuisine in our Leon Restaurant is espcially esteemed by good food lovers – we see it as our duty to continue the tradtions.

The romantic inner courtyard is the perfect setting for weddings and premium events. Coupled with the expertise of our well trained staff, be transformed into a prince or princess and enlive the happiest day of your life in Hotel Schloss Leonstain, or celebrate a very special event in magical surroundings.

Our Leon Beach Club with its Turtle Bay restaurant is a source of relaxation.  Strech out on a luxurious day bed, feel the peaceful stillness of the Wörthersee, get your strength and energy back to gentle chill out sounds, all with the breathtaking back drop of the mountains.

The location of the Hotel Schloss Leonstain in Pörtschach on the Wörthersee guarantees you the kind of holiday that is authentic to Carynthia – romance, golf, walking, biking, good-living, culture or simply time for yourself to let your soul and spirit roam.

Treat yourself to a romantic stay in 4 star Hotel Schloss Leonstain in Pörtschach on the Wörthersee and discover a truly special place enriched in history.

Hotel Schloss Leonstain

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HOTEL SCHLOSS LEONSTAIN in Pörtschach at lake Wörthersee
Schloss Leonstain - a modern yet romantic castle hotel, situated on the banks of the Wörthersee, close to Klagenfurt Airport.  In the heart of Carynthia where you will find everything you want from a holiday – rest, peace, relaxation,golf, tennis, water sports, walks, bicycle rides, and also the perfect location for your wedding, birthday celebration, christening, or business seminar.